Lapsa Garden - sustainable farm

Farm - to - Table

It is a unique place in the world, Azores, and in there, surrounded by Nature, it's our farm! What can be more comforting than spending your time in the middle of nowhere? Has this idea ever crossed your mind?

If the answer is YES you are very welcome to visit us! You will have immediate contact with nature where nature is the masterpiece. Calm and harmonious are some words to describe our spot!

One day, not so long ago, we thought “Let's just go and farm, grow veggies and creat beautiful place in the middle of nowere!!!!” It sounded very nice!!!!

Today, years later, we thought “Let's share these veggies in the concept from farm-to-table to every single individual, hungry or not, who loves and values eating where ingredient shines !!!”

Sounds very nice!!! And here we are, happy to cook for nature lovers in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, Azores!


Growing dreams from love seeds


"From a little corner of the Earth, surrounded by nature, is Lapsa Garden. There, on our organic farm, we grow food, build a life and celebrate nature in every dish we serve. We believe in the green-sustainable world so we start with our own."

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